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Essen, Germany (26/11/21 to 05/12/21): The 2021 Essen Motor Show (EMS 2021) launched this year as a "Limited Edition" due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 version of the show. Around 400 exhibitors presented their sports cars, tuning, classic and motorsports cars in eight (8) halls. The 26th of November 2021 represented the preview day for members of the press. Due to the corona pandemic, EMS 2021 will be held without the annual motorsports arena with the addition of the 3G rule within NRW (Genesen: recoverd, Geimpft: vaccinated, Getestet: tested) was applied throughout the extent of the show and a complusory wearing of masks. New this year was the incorporation of EV vehicles in the show along with gasoline ICE cars. Exhibitors included: ADAC Motorsport, Borbet, Continental, Genesis, Hyundai, H&R, Mercedes Fan-World and Wheelpros Europe. Well known tuners included: Marieke Fox, JP Performance, Prior Performance and Sidney Industries. New this year was the introduction of e-sports at the stand of the motorsport RaceRoom in Hall 3 to experience the virtual cockpit.  Selected racing and sports cars from past and present in the special show: "World of Motorsport" for example the Toyota TS030 Hybrid. Around 100 private owners present their own tuned vehicles in a special section. Rare examples include: Barkas B1000, Lada 2103, Polski Fiat 126p and VW Brasilia as well as several Teslas. Camping fans expect to see an Audi A7 Competition with a roof tent. Surprisingly, even in the EMS 2021, interest in sustainable EV vehicles are increasing even though gasoline ICE still dominate the lineup. For example, in Hall 3, Next.eShare (a mobility service provider) presented a series of models powered by electricity, hybrid and hydrogen. Their presentation focused on a Tesla Modey Y and a Ford Mustang Mach-E. The theme: "Tuners are not racers" was emphasized in Hall 7 where tuning and safety go hand in hand. This was the initiative by the EMS for all the years since its inception. Finally, as before, the EMS 2021 is a must-see for classic cars in the Classic and Prestige salon in Halls 1 and 2. The focus was Germany's oldest classic sales salon with included the 100th anniversary of the AVUS and 60 years of the Jaguar E-type. The most beautiful classic car for the EMS 2021 was the: 1967 Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strate and pictured was Herr Klaus Koehne, Managing Director of the Classic Festival Event. It was for sale at Hall 1 at 1.5 million euros. Made of lego bricks, a 911 Porsche RSR was also displayed. (All texts by: Rene Zamora, Reporter/Photographer, Newsmexx, Henderson, Nevada USA).

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