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Las Vegas, Nevada (January 5 to 7, 2022): The first live CES occured in 2022 after last year's event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Event venues included the usual Las Vegas Convention Center with it's new West Hall annex and the newly named Venetian Expo Convention Center (previously the Sands). At the same time, this year's live event was also online making it a hybrid event since over 40 technology companies withdrew during the last month preceding from the latest Omicron surge. Regardless, this year's event was a learning experience for everyone involved: the CTA organizers, the exhibitors and the approximately 40,000 attendees which was 75% below the last live 2020 CES two years ago. The 2022 CES trends were familiar: smart IoT technologies, autonomous vehicle technology and electric mobility. Examples of electric mobility included Fisker automotive, the all new TOGG electric vehicles from Turkey and the SONY electric vehicle concepts: Vision S1 sedan and Vision S2 crossover/SUV. Bluetti made the first even debut of a solar powered Sodium (Na+) based battery power source. John Deere premiered their Autonomous All Electric Tractor concept at their external booth. At the Venetian Expo, AMECA, the humanoid robot at the United Kingdom booth within Eureka Park showed her AI capabilities to continuous and intrigued crowds of attendees. Finally, the Autonomous Vehicle Race Car Challenge occured at the LV Motor Speedway on Friday, 1/7/22, to highlight autonomous racing and electric mobility. Many lessons were learned with the 2022 CES given the bubble that was set in place for attendees: mandatory vaccinations, Covid-19 rapid Ag tests were complimentary given to every registrant for self-testing prior to the exhibition, social distancing of the exhibitor booths, indoor complusary masking and reduction of exhibition days from the original four to three days ending on Friday, 1/7/22. The 2023 CES should be a vast improvement from this year's event but at the very least, live exhibition can be safely held in the midst of worst possible timing of the Omicron surge in the pandemic. (All texts and photographs by: Rene Zamora, Reporter/Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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