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Las Vegas, Nevada (SEMA: October 31 to November 4, 2022; AAPEX: November 1 to November 3, 2022): The annual 2022 SEMA and 2022 AAPEX once again commenced at the Las Vegas Convention Center - LVCC (North, Central, West and South Halls) and The Venetian Expo for their trade-only exhibition, educational seminars and industry networking meetings. Once again, the 2022 SEMA Show started on Monday afternoon with the SEMA Annual Awards and Vehicle Reveal outside the Central Hall in the Gold Lot of the LVCC. The prestigious annual SEMA awards were given to recognize exhibiting vehicle original equipment  manufacturers (OEMs) to recognize them for supporting the aftermarket industry with platforms the encourage automobile customization. In 2022, there were six (6) categories voted for by exhibiting manufacturers. The categories and the winners announced on 10/31/22 were: 1. CAR OF THE YEAR: Dodge Challenger; 2. SPORT COMPACT OF THE YEAR: Toyota GR86; 3. 4x4/SUV OF THE YEAR: Jeep Wrangler; 4. FULL-SIZE TRUCK OF THE YEAR: Ram; 5. MID-SIZE TRUCK OF THE YEAR: Jeep Gladiator; 6. ELECTRIC VEHICLE OF THE YEAR: Volkswagen ID.4. Please note, in 2022, SEMA introduced for the first time a new category called the "ELECTRIC VEHICLE OF THE YEAR" which will segway to an expanded SEMA ELECTRIFIED exhibition inside the North Hall as demonstrated in our pictorial. This is of important note because of the increasing direction into Electric Mobility as industry moves into the next few decades as well as increasing interest in all the relevant technologies the support this platform. Aftermarket manufacturers were investing more into all the 2022 winners' respective platforms compared to any other vehicles in their categories. Also, of note, there were some very interesting vehicles during the Monday reveal to be exhibited in the 2022 SEMA Show to include: 1. SEMA Business Women's Network (SBN) All-Female Ford Bronco: with cooperation and coordination from the States of California and Michigan, this highly customized Ford Bronco was exhibited for the first time at the West Hall of the LVCC; 2. OPTIMA Batteries debuted two (2) RIVIAN OVELAND builds to charge the off-road EV enthusiast market in collaboration with DCE which is a new EV product line by Weistec Engineering. The two builds are unique in that they both feature a SOLAR-powered rechargeable trailers that allow the users to charge their EV rigs and power camping accessories when off-road and finally, 3. VOLKSWAGEN GOLF A59 PROTOTYPE: revealed and exhibited in 2022 was the "1993 Rallye Golf 3 A59 Prototype", which was initially created as proof of concept to possibly enter the 1994 FIA World Rally Championships which required 2500 street-legal versions for homologation regulations. This prototype was the first and only version every completed and was developed by Schmidt Motorsport (SMS). Of interesting note, the engine design (2.0L all aluminum four-cylinder engine with an output of 275hp and 273 lb-ft of torque paried with a 6-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive with a variable center differential) of this prototype went on to several class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The annual 2022 SEMA Show was once again the epicenter of automotive trends, business and culture. These included the celebrities like NASCAR drivers Mr. Tony Stewart and Mr. Richard Petty and sport celebrities like Mr. Emmitt Smith (NFL All-time Rushing Leader) and Mr. Shaquille O'Neil's one and only customized POLARIS SLINGSHOT at Memphis Audio. Also, Mr. Ken Block's Audi Sport Quattro was on display at the LVCC West Hall. The annual 2022 AAPEX Show was highlighted by a newly expanded Joe's Garage at the ground floor of the Venetian Expo. This was inaugurated in last year's 2021 AAPEX Show but there were at least 30% more first time exhibitors at this year's Joe's Garage. Examples of up and coming exhibitors were: 1. FIRST BRANDS GROUP: an all-inclusive water pump provider making the acquisition of various water pump componenets more efficient and providing significant cost-savings to shopowners; 2. TEXA USA: Italian company owned with US location in New Brunswick, New Jersey providing shopowners with advanced vehicle diagnostic technologies and ADAS radar and camera calibration kits; 3. COATS: based in Tennessee showed their expanded product offerings which included: Coats' 3D aligner with 12K Scissor Lift, Full inspection Lane setup to include Tread Depth Scanner and BodyCheck Cameras and Coats's recent collaboration with Discount Tire on its PitPass concept. Finally, it was worth mentioning again, that for 2022 SEMA Electrified exhibition was much more expanded in the LVCC North Hall. Lexus (LVCC Central Hall) also introduced their LEXUS ELECTRIFIED SPORTCONCEPT: this was concet vehichle which was the expected successor to the iconic Lexus IFA supercar. According the Lexus, this concept pushes the limits of electricification both on the road and the track with an expected 0 to 60 time in the low 2 second range with an extended range of about 430 miles thanks to the newest SOLID STATE BATTERY technology introduced in this vehicle. Also on display at the LVCC West Hall is the new NISSAN ARIYA which is their first all-electric SUV that will be commercially available in the near future. The basis of the aftermarket custimazation for various electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Rivian, Lucid and Ford to name a few is sitll in its infancy but expect more participation and expansion from these companies in future SEMA and AAPEX Shows as they gain more relevance in the future of climate change consciousness. (All Text and Photographs by: Rene Zamora, Reporter and Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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