Media ANUGA 2017: Biennial Food Fair at Cologne Exhibition Fair Grounds (Koelnmesse), Cologne, Germany 61

ANUGA 2017: Biennial Food Fair at Cologne Exhibition Fair Grounds (Koelnmesse), Cologne, Germany 61 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=6851
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Cologne, Germany (October 7 to 11, 2017):  ANUGA 2017 (  is the largest and most important  food fair in the world. Over 7,400 exhibitors from 107 countries came upon Cologne, Germany this year for this biennnial food event at the Cologne Exhibition Fair Grounds (Koelnmesse). In 2017, ANUGA's partner country was India with its culinary diversity, high-perfomance food industry and over 1 billion people in the population. This year over 160,000 trade visitors from over 190 countries attended this event with 89% of exhibitors and 69% of visitors from abroad making ANUGA the most important trade sourcing and trend platform for the international food industry. Essentially, there are ten (10) trade shows under one roof: 1. Anuga Fine Food; 2. Anuga Organic; 3. Anuga Chilled anf Fresh Food; 4. Anuga Meat; 5. Anuga Frozen Food; 6. Anuga Dairy; 7. Anuga Bread and Bakery; 8. Anuga Drinks; 9. Anuga Culinary Concepts; 10. Anuga Hot Beverages. Coinciding with the "10 Trade Shows under one roof" concept are the ten (10) trends of 2017: 1. Clean Supreme: total transparency in branding; 2. Disruptive Green: mainstream meat altrenatives and vegan offerings; 3. Sweeter Balance: balance taste and health; 4. Kitchen Symphony: variety and spread of cultural and authentic cuisines from the world; 5. Body in Tune: personalizaion of nutrition intake; 6. Plain Sophistication: increasing consumer demand for indulgence and premium quality for a price; 7. Encapsulating Moments: marketers target specific times of the day such as snacking and after dinner drinks; 8. Beyond Pester Power: children have become an influencer on the table with own "kids" dinner agenda; 9. Fuzzy Borders: boundaries are blurred with hydrid innovation and "fusion" cuisines; and finally, 10. Seeds of Change: exotic seeds such as chia and quinoa have increased consumer interest with vast potential in nutrition and application. The official opening ceremony of ANUGA 2017 occured on 7 October 2017 (1030AM) at the Congress Saal in Koelnmesse with the following guest speakers, in order of presentation: 1. Henrietta Reker, Mayor of Cologne and Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Koelnmesse (Welcome Remarks); 2. Friedhelm Dornseifer, President of the Federal Association of the German Grocey Retail Trade (Welcome Remarks); 3. Dr. Wolfgang Ingold, Chairman of the Federartion of the German Food and Drink Industries (Address); 4. H.E. Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, India Minister of Food Processing Industries (Address for 2017 ANUGA partner country INDIA) who focused on world malnutrition and food wastage; 5. Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development (Video Message); and finally, 6. Christina Schulze Focking, Minister for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Opening Speech and Closing Remarks for ANUGA 2017 Openign ceremony). Samples and highlights of the multiple trade shows under one roof concept were the following countries: 1. ARGENTINA: exhibiting in the ANUGA Meat hall, an great example was COTO Argentina Beef whose 2017 motto was: " Argentina has one of the best meats in the world and COTO has the best meat in Argentina". Since its inception in 1998, the COTO chain of Argentine supermarkets for beef distribution model has succeeded and now boast a large distribution net made up of over 120 branches and 18,000 people employed with over 300 fleets of vehicles for transport. COTO meat has outstanding features from its origin and its breeding: Aberdeen Angus. The breed was born and bred in Argentina and fed in the fields of "pampas". In large ranches and as well as the market of Liniers (the largest Argentine market in the trading of cattle on the hoof), this breed guarantees the quality and security of COTO meat products. 2. JAPAN: exhibiting in ANUGA Meats hall as well, famous for is Wagyu Beef and its Ramen stands to incorporate the Wagyu Beef in the cooking and preparation of this most famous japanese soup; 3. ITALY: exhibiting in ANUGA Fine Foods, known for its flour, for example, Molino Naldoni Italian flour incorporates this very important ingredient in its pizza and pasta dishes; 4. SPAIN: also exhibiting in the ANUGA Meats for its most famous Jamon Iberico Pork, aged and cured long-term for a wonderful meat delicacy. But not only is Pork aged and cured this way, this year, Beef is now taking its own place in this most important technique of aging and curing: Gran Reserva Ezequiel (Embotidos y Jamones) has perfected beef aging and curing of the "Cecina de Leon" beef which were air-dried in the mountains of Spain for at leat 1 year (; Also exhibitng in ANUGA Meats was Tabladillo ( especializing in Crispy Sucking Pig or "Cochinillo": a delicacy and tradition in the Castilla region and Segovia province of Spain; 5. GUATEMALA: the Zacapa Rum for before and/or after dinner spirits was old-fashioned, tradiitonal and refreshing was exhibiting in ANUGA Drinks; 6. FRANCE: Koign-Amann pastries from Brittany region with its unique salt and butter ingredients was exhibiting in ANUGA Bread and Bakery; and finally, 7. POLAND: Cafe Rene ( or especializing in Coffee Pads and Capsules was again exhibiting in ANUGA Hot Beverages. (All Texts and Photographs by: Rene Zamora, Photographer/Journalist, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada USA).

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