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Andrew Christian's book tour is a one of a kind event! Trinidad Barreras for TdB4140Productions/ Newsmexx / Worldpress sat with Andrew before this event took place at Outlines Menswear & Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, Texas.
TB: I interviewed Lady Gaga at an event and noticed that there was a duffel bag with clothes in it and on top there was some Andrew Christian underwear. I said, “Oh Andrew Christian underwear?” She answered back “Yes! Those are some awesome and sexy underwear! If you are gay you own one, if you are not then you must get some they are comfortable and sexy!”
AC: That is totally cool! I like that!!
TB: So how is the book tour coming along?
AC: The Book tour for my new book Sex=Power=Freedom is coming along great! I am touring some wonderful and beautiful cities.
TB: That's great to hear, I am sure that every city you stop at is going to be excited to see you. You design underwear and clothing for men and women. Though your designs are popular in the LGBTQ community; Do you contribute back to the LGBTQ community?
AC: I contribute as much as possible, I am incredibly grateful to the LGBTQ community for making my line a huge success. I give back to the LGBTQ community through different contributions in the community and also raise awareness of HIV and Aids. Though I used to design clothes for both men and women, I began exclusively designing men’s clothes quite some time ago. Every year, we donate our time and money to dozens of LGBTQ charities and community events. We regularly donate to a wide array of different causes and charities including The Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, The Aids Healthcare Foundation, etc.
TB: Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?
AC: I loved fashion as a child. I was always intrigued by design.
"He had been creating new outfits weekly for himself and friends to go to the underground clubs. One of the club promoters he knew owned his own store, so he started selling through the site while still in high school. He left Fresno, California with $500, and moved to Los Angeles, California to go to fashion school at age nineteen."
TB: What according to you is a favorite part of being a fashion designer?
AC: My favorite part of being a fashion designer is the responses and feedback I receive when our customers like how they look in our underwear. My goal is to make people feel sexy and confident about themselves. It’s always so gratifying to meet people who proudly wear Andrew Christian underwear because they like the way they look in them.  
TB: If you were not in the fashion industry, what would you be doing?
AC: Architect? (laughs) I’m not really sure. I truly have no idea. Designing is what I have been doing my entire life. It was the only option I saw for myself.
TB: Really? I guess you have that design nature in you!
AC: Yes, I suppose I do. (Laughs)
TB: In a recent conversation with some of your customers one, in particular, asked, "If Andrew grew up poor, how come he makes his designs expensive? Why not cater to the "paycheck to paycheck" person?" What is your response?
AC: I am doing my best to produce affordable products, I have an online store at that has designs for $10, $13 and so forth. I do cater to those customers, but at the same time, I have to make sure that the product meets a high quality while maintaining a reasonable price for everyone. In addition, we design and make our product in Los Angeles with a team that I value greatly. I try to make my underwear as affordable as possible while still paying everybody who works for me a living wage. I do everything I can to reduce prices, including having major sales quite often.
(In looking on Andrews website there is also quite a few promotional discounts and sales that the customer can get as well.)
TB: Congratulations on your new book! What made you sit down and write it?
AC: "SEX=POWER=FREEDOM" is something I have wanted to undertake for many years; it gives voice to the ideals and beliefs that I hold dear to my heart. A person's openness to their sexual identity directly relates to their emotional freedom.
 **In an abstract from his website, "A Letter from Andrew Christian " he also states, "But as the idea developed, I realized that this book could be so much more: a platform to express my views toward promoting LGBT empowerment – a view that I share with the majority of Americans."
TB: Your book is being compared to Madonna's "Sex" book, what is your reaction to that?
AC: That's awesome! Madonna was a huge idol to me growing up, even to this day. I love that my book is being compared to hers.
TB: Did you do all the creative designs for the book as well? (Cover, Photos, Color)
AC: My design team and I worked on this project together to come up with the cover, photos in the book and the layout. I sat down with my creative team to incorporate multiple people’s ideas into Sex=Power=Freedom. They allowed me to take the helm for most of the creative decisions, including having the entirety of the book in black and white. I thought it gave the pages of my book rawness, an intimacy that gets washed away with color. Skin and bodies become convoluted; two men become one in the shadowy black print. This book is about togetherness and equality. Printing in black and white put everybody on the same playing field.
TB: Where can people buy the book?
AC: On my website, and the book can be purchased, but the Sex=Power=Freedom Gold Edition can't be bought and is only gifted during our international book signing tour and special charity events.
TB: Will we see another book in the future?
AC: I am in the works of releasing the Black edition of Sex=Power=Freedom sometime this year.
TB: Thank you, Andrew, for sitting down with me, I wish you all the best and congratulations on your book and success!
AC: Thank you for having me.
I had a wonderful time interviewing Andrew Christian; he is a down to earth guy.  He came to the interview by himself. I was expecting a huge production team with him. A lot of times we see celebrities coming out with books or extra products that are out of their usual line of work. We think "oh an extra buck" but, after talking with Andrew and seeing him in action with his fans (taking pictures and taking the time to speak to each customer while he signed their book and even fans that were just nearby), he is a genuine guy that cares about his customers. Sex=Power=Freedom is truly a book from his heart, and his support for the LGBTQ community is like no other.

Andrew Christian SEX=POWER=FREEDOM book tour is coming to a city near you! I highly recommend that you attend the book signing. This meet and greet affair is a magnificent event to see Andrew and pick up a copy of his compelling book!  

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