Media Braking Bar at the 2020 CES: Emergency Brake Light Product Review 1

Braking Bar at the 2020 CES: Emergency Brake Light Product Review 1 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=7902
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  • uploaded February 23, 2020

Las Vegas, NV (January 7 to 10, 2020): In the US, most drivers have to brake hard over 1 billion times per year which leads to thousands of fender benders, crashes and not to mention neck and spinal injuries. This amounts to about 6 billion in damages per year in the US. FrontLane (headed by CFO Jack Begaj) at 111 Larch Road, Cambridge, MA  02138, Tel: (508) 863-5226, launched its first product called the Branking Bar at the Eureka Park in the Sands Hall during the 2020 CES. In a nutshell, Braking Bar is an Emergency Braking Light system that pulses an Ultra Bright Red Light when the driver needs to brake hard allowing the driver behing the vehicle to react at least 50% faster than they would normally do without the device. Thus, this would reduce the possibility of a crash by at least 50% especially when the customer needs it most. Best of all, Braking Bar has no wires, sticks to any back car window and no charging required. Batteries within the device could last up to 4 years depending on usage and is completely legal in the US. The whole process can be summarized in three (3) simple steps: 1. Setup, 2. Drive, 3. Protect: built-in motion sensor activates bright pulsating red light on hard braking and catches the attention of driver behind. The box comes with a window cleaning wipe, the Braking Bar device with 3M adhesive and an alignment device for the light. Install took less than 1 minute. The MSRP is $US 99.00 with free shipping at (All texts and photographs by Rene Zamora, Journalist/Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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