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CES 2020: Artificial Intelligence to 5G to Consumer Electronic Companies making Electric Cars and Carmakers making Flying Taxis 69 /media/flashcomm?action=mediaview&context=normal&id=7793
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Las Vegas, Nevada (7 January to 10 January 2020, Las Vegas Convention Center and Sands Exhibition Center): The annual 2020 CES was comprehensive and diverse in terms of where the market and trends are heading into the new decade. At the CTA keynote to begin the week, it was emphasized by the organizers that clearly consumer technology and demand is heading into one direction and that is seamless connectivity and electric mobility. First, Procter and Gamble introduced its line of consumer line of products that involved innovative technology for each room of the smart home. Then, Japanese consumer electronic giant introduced their involvement with celebrity Olypiams Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky as well their sponsorship of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Second, AMD introduced a revolutionary gaming chip to compete with Intel's gaming chip during the press conference. Third, San Jose company LifePlus is introducing the very first smartwatch that measures real-time blood glucose non-invasively with about a 75% to 80% accuracy. Fourth, BrakeBar was launched by Massachusetts startup company as a convenient and easy to do safety brake light on the rear windshield and states that this may reduce rear fender benders by about 50%. Fifth, Lenovo's Motorola phone division will re-introduced the sentimental RAZR flip phone in which in actual fact it turns into a smartphone with apps when unfolded. Exclusively availabe via Verizon wireless cellular networks when introduced in North America. Sixth, Italian company FTP premiered three time Grammy winner Giorgio Moroder's "Preludio" during the exhibit. Seventh, GANFAST empasized the shift of portable chargers from Silicon to Gallium which is at least three times superior in efficiency and durability. Eight, several notable car companies cleared the path to electric mobility, from the first Ford Mustang SUV, to the Byton M-byte premier, to the Fisker Ocean and the futuristic concept VISION AVTR from Mercedes Benz as introduced by award winning film director James Cameron from the 2009 film, Avatar. At Sony's press conference, it was the first time a consumer elecronic giant premiered their own electric vehicle called the Sony Vision concept car. Ninth, Hyudai has future plans to partner with ride-sharing company Uber to promote a flying taxi for the future. Tenth and finally, the ultimate Artificial Intelligence product was premiered by company NEON which displayed several concept AI Humans on its booth following simple and compex instructions from a handheld tablet. (All pictures and text by Rene Zamora, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada, USA).

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