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Traveling is a life I wanted to live for years I was sitting behind a desk day after day wasting the time I had on earth stuck in a 9-5 rut, well that’s until I switch jobs from Medical Billing and Coding to Medical Equipment technician where I found myself traveling around the country fixing hospital bio-safety cabinet(s) and certifying compounding pharmacy cleanrooms.
Today I’m in Key West, FL at sloppy Joe’s sitting at the bar enjoying the live entertainment with a fresh beer in my hand, as I looked around I see a dog sitting at the bar I had to take a double take and make sure I wasn’t seeing things after all I’m just on my first beer for today. Sure, enough it was a dog. I started talking with the dog’s owner it wasn’t her first visit to sloppy joe’s she stops here every time she visits Key West, she started to explain to me why she love’s to visit Sloppy Joe’s the main reason was because the bartender’s didn’t mind her bringing her dog in the other was for the live music but she also told me it was the in her opinion the number one social spot in Key West. At the end of our conversation around 9pm the woman and her dog ended up leaving, I spent the remaining of the night having shots of Johnny walker black with an older couple who was visiting from New York City long story short we basically ended up talking about really nothing that I can remember. 

The next morning, I walked on Smathers beach and it was without doubt the most relaxing places I’ve been in a long time. This is the kind of beach you are hoping to find when you come to the Key’s. 

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