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  • uploaded December 10, 2021

Las Vegas, Nevada (Product Review): This is a 2021 product review for the Smart Tracker, a portable and attachable bluetooth enabled finder that can be attached to anything that has potential to be lost, i.e. inanimate (e.g. keys) or animate (e.g. pets) objects. This product is unique it is one of the few products available that does NOT require replacement of a Lithium-ion battery. This comes with a rechageable battery built-in and can be conveniently charged with 1 hour to full charge. In my experience, a full charge with this last about 1 week for each key finder. The Smart Tracker is available at for a retail price of around $USD7.00 per piece or about $27 for a pack of 4 Smart Tracker. A QR code is provided for an Android and iOS compatible app in their respective play store (GoFinder app). Once, downloaded it takes less than 30 seconds to pair the smartphone with the finder. Once, in the GoFinder app, one can ring the "bell" icon in the app to ring the finder and find attached objects such as keys, purses, luggage, cameras, wallets and backpacks for example. Similary, if the smartphone is lost, one can use the connected finder by double clicking to help in locating the phone within seconds. Finally, there is a lost location feature in the app in which the last location of the Smart Tracker is stored in the smartphone in case the finder was misplaced (Smartphone GPS must be activated to use this feature). In summary, what makes this unique from the competition is the ability to recharge the finder with the accompanying micro-USB port without having or the need to obtain a new battery every time the finder is out of charge. This is one of the few sold out there in 2021 with this very convenient feature. (All texts and photographs by: Rene Zamora, Reporter/Photographer, Newsmexx TV, Henderson, Nevada  USA).

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