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  • uploaded May 9, 2019

This Starbucks was renovated in April and May of 2019 and it looks fantastic! If you are ever in your way to the Florida Keys this place in Florida City before you enter the stretch to the Keys is a must stop. It is located on U.S. Highway 1 and S.W. 344 st. The hours of operation s are : 5am till 11pm and the drive thru is 24 hours.

I must let you know that the employees, especially  both Marisols , Veronica, Erika and Jennifer are the rudest employees in this location!! They have no personality and no public relations manners at all. Starbucks should have people come in to this store incognito and sit down and observe these employees to realize how unprofessional and rude they truly are! When they bring employees from another nearby store then it's a pleasure to come and sit in here to enjoy your coffee or frap.

Stop by and let the Manager know if you encounter any problems with these employees as I believe the Manager, Heydin Perez is a really nice person.


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