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A recent visit to The Winspear Opera House for the first time was a visit to remember. The venue is a well thought out incredible place to visit. It has breathtaking architecture and designs inside and out that will make anyone feel like he or she is at a royal event. The greeters and ushers are placed everywhere to ensure that everyone is welcomed and made comfortable and to assist guests to an assigned seat. The tickets to the venue can be purchased either online in advance or will call. Upon walking into the Opera House, guests are greeted and directed to the ticket counter where the ticket agents patiently wait. The ticket agents are very patient and kind; they explained which way guests should start the visit and point out whom to ask for help or direction should anyone need anything. It is plain to see why the ticket agents make sure each visitor knows whom to go to for any assistance because of all the elegant decors and views one's attention on time and direction looking around at the venue is mesmerizing. In the Winspear Opera House, there are small beverage and snack areas that serve delicious snacks and a variety of beverages such as sodas and wine and many more options (these just happen to be my first choices when deciding what to drink). They offer these snacks and beverages in case someone is hungry or wants to snack while socializing during intermission. Anyone can take their item outside or stay inside and socialize at the tables that are lined up outside on each of the floors. If anyone chooses to go outside for some fresh air, the venue has beautiful designs such as walkways, water fountains and a beautiful landscape which will make anyone feel like he or she are in a scene from a play. Anyone can sit and chat or simply just stare at the sky.
The buildings surrounding the opera house are so well lite and so wonderfully distracting due to the number of colors that each surrounding building puts out. It is easily simple to lose track of time that is left in intermission because the view is so spectacular, but never fear The Dallas Opera House ushers will come out and remind everyone that there are a certain number of minutes left of intermission remaining. Once everyone got situated with ordering his or her drinks and socializing, there is a lecture that's given in a conference room down the hall by the ticket counter. When a guest visits the Winspear Opera House, he or she have an option to attend a lecture or a "pre opera talk"  one of the lectures during a recent visit was called "The Joy and Ronald Mankoff Pre-Opera Talk." This lecture is so helpful especially when it is anyone's first time at an opera. The lecture is very informative and gives a summary of what to expect from the performance and gives clues on what to pay attention to that would intensify the story line. After the lecture, there are about twenty minutes left to head to an assigned seat or if need be a restroom break. I cannot stress enough of how attentive the ushers and greeters are.

 Once guests head out of the pre-opera talk, there are ushers and greeters everywhere to make sure visitors make it to their seat in time. Which is perfect for someone that likes to look around and socialize without this guidance offered anyone would be late getting to his or her assigned seat. Once seated, the venue begins to fill up quickly with guests dressed elegant and poised. When looking at the stage, notice a screen above the stage that has the words of the performance; this is an excellent tool for those that want to hear the powerful voice of the opera singer or performers and understand what is going on at the same time. On this visit, the performance was called " The turn of the screw" based on the novel by Henry James. For this being a first time at an Opera, this was an outstanding performance. The stage design was incredible, and the cast voices were immaculate. I would highly recommend everyone to visit the amazing Winspear Opera House!

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